What were we thinking? Clearly, we weren’t.
Long, long ago (January 18, 1973 to be exact), in a small bakery in a small town called Eugene, Oregon, the Wha Guru Chew revolution was begun by sleepy, overnight bakers. Back then, Golden Temple granola was made in pizza ovens and it took twelve hours to bake a 1,000 pounds – later delivered in a 1963 Chevy station wagon. So Nirvair Singh was usually up all night baking granola. His yearning, poetic soul cried to break free from the artistic restraints of pizza oven granola baking. (And possibly the ‘63 Chevy).

On that fateful night, Nirvair and his wife were finishing up their long, hot day of baking so they could attend a birthday party. As they were cleaning up they came to the pot of honey goo that made golden granola so sweet and felt it would be a shame to waste what was left of the secret ingredient. In a flash of insane inspiration the couple gathered up whole nuts, seeds, and other extra naturally delicious granola ingredients, and folded them into the caramelly golden goo. When the concoction cooled, they rolled it into mini football shapes and brought it to the birthday party. One bite and everyone exclaimed, “Wha Guru!” It was that good.
From that day on, generations
of nuts would enjoy a natural snack bar that began a candy revolution. A new, no refined sugar experience would sweep the country.
Of course, the bakers had no idea what they were doing. This proud tradition continues today.
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